On Monday 3rd September 1934 thirty members of the Thursday evening bible class had an enjoyable outing in Malvern and Hereford in "Sammy" Johnson Coaches.

After the trip made a bit of a profit making the pence grow in to pounds, all this for them to have their own church.

Land conveyance negotiations began in 1934 enabled the Rector to report early in 1935 that a suitable site had been secured in Hawbush Road, for the purpose of a Mission Church.

      The cost of the site £382 was met by a loan from the Diocesan Church Building Committee.

An earlier plot in Addison Road was re-sold to the Brierley Hill Urban District Council for £200.

      In the same year the Reverend R.French left for Durham and succeeding ----------- curates were the Reverend J.Razzell, H.W.R.Bywater and R.P.Powell.

The reverend T.N.Crowther Green when later on writing of his four years as Senior Curate (1932-1936) said that they were years full of hard work and much happiness.

Most of is time was spent in the Hawbush district where superintended a large Sunday School. and among many other things, conducted a mid-week Women's meeting and preached at Sunday evenings.

      In August 1938 the Reverend J.H Herbert (Rector) gave a detailed report to the members of the Parochial Church Council on the proposed new church at Hawbush.

He promisted he would do his best to obtain the necessary guarantors, on the last day for taking up the Diocesan loan was 1st October 1938.

Very soon after this report Mr R.E Robinson kindley donated £100 towards the new church.

      A list of guarantors was set up and £2,300 was subscribed.

Heading the list was the name of: A.Hoton, F.Lane, Col.Thomas, W.W.Marsh, E.E.Marsh, A.R.Marsh, R.Lowther, T.Lowther Jnr, Reverend Herbert, W.Turner, R.Griffiths, Miss E.L.Hoton, C.Lane, M.Godby, Mrs Hunt, J.R.R.Dunn, Reverend H.W.Bywater, J.Wathins, were all in the list of guarantors.

      In the Annual Report of 1939 Mr Walter Fisher, Hon, Secretary to the Church Council, stated the P.C.C has given careful consideration to the proposed new church at Hawbush, it has been decided to support the Bishops Campaign to provide churches for the new housing estates in connection with this the penny-a-week scheme is to be adoped-all contributions from Brierley Hill will be ear=marked for the proposed Hawbush Church.

      It was resolved that the tender of Messrs. Deacon and Boardman of Walsal on building the new church at Hawbush be accepted for £2,978 (P.C.C 14th August.

      But with the contract about to be signed, guarantees given, donations received, the second World War had broken out.

      Hawbush worshippers would have to wait years for their church, but they amed carried on in spite of shortages, blackouts and other war time difficulties.

      The site for their new church was acquired for allotments in the grow more campaign. Most people soon became bound up in the total war effort and there were appeals for Sunday School Teachers and helpers.

      The Assistant curate Reverend Gilbert Smith, was appointed to the Army Chaplains Department in 1942-=successors were the Reverends J.G.Hughes and F.J.Wright but work of the local group of Christians went steadily on, how relieved and thankfull all were when hostilities ceased.

      In 1946 the Reverend T.N.Crowther Green, former Senior Curate, retured as rector, he had to carry on alone for some considerable time without the help from junior clergy, he knew, however, he could alway rely on a faithful band of willing helpers.

      Miss Lewis, for many years Superintendent of a most flourishing Infant nursery School Department, retired in August 1947.

      Mr H.B.Cartwright was pleading all departments are short of teachers and Hawbush in particular is in need of help.

      The war had taken a heavy toll when, when in February 1948 the Bishop of Hereford dedicated the war Memorial Panelling and Roll of Honour in the Parish, many of the names inscribed were of young men who had formerly worshipped in Hawbush.

      The Rector now considering it more than ever necessary for a church, possibly a temporary building to be built at Hawbush, it would need six months notice to aquire the site which had been let for wartime allotments.

      From 1947 onwards Assistant Curates in succession were the Reverends Orme, Thursfield, Roe, with Mr Sam Dean of Brockmoor often assisting as Lay member.

      At a standing Committee Meeting held in the Rectory on 10th July 1953, Reverend T.N.Crowther Green outlined a new scheme of the Church Commissioners for the combined building of a Church and Hall at Hawbush. The following sulution proposed  by Mr Frank Holmshaw, seconded by Mr H.Lowther, was passed unanimously. that we recommend the acceptance of responsibility for raising an additional £1,500 hereby increasing the amount already available to £4,000 and qualifying for a grant of £4,000 from the Church Commissioners to meet the cost of building a Church/Hall on the Hawbush Estate.

      Things were beginning to move again, the plans of the new church were passed and it was to be a permanent dual purpose building.

      In the December of 1953 Parish Magazine appeared an artists impression of the new combined Church and Hall soon to be erected in Hawbush Road. Recommendations were made for raising funds: gift boxes, house-to-house collections, subscription list etc.

      The Hawbush Church Building fund Account now showed a ballance of £2,000 but the estimated cost of the church was £12,500.

      The day for the Ceremony of Laying the Foundation Stone was set for the 10th July 1954. Donations, large and small, were beginning to swell the fund. Names of donors and amounts subscribed were published in each issue of the Parish Magazine. 

           The Lord  Bishop of Lichfield, Dr.A.S.Reeve, at the Dedication of St Paul's Church and Hall in January 1955 was able to announce that the initial cost of the building had been covered thanks to generous donors.

      He disclosed that Mr Arthur Horton, retired glass manufacturer of Overdale, Collis Street, and given a substantial sum of money which until that very day he had wished it to be kept secret.

      The total cost of the project so far was £14,300 but with the church yet to be furnished much more would be needed.



On the 10th July 1954 Bill Evers grandmother, Mrs R.E.Robinson,

laid the foundation stone

of St Paul's.

After the service she was

presented with a


Mallet and Trowel set.

Registered Charity no 1108108