What's on




We have Monday mornings Availble from 9 till 11:30


Tracie 12noon till 1pm

Zumba, Aerobics, Gentle Exercise, and Toning, Contact Tracie 07711 662283


We have monday afternoon Availble 1:30 till 5  


 GKR Karate 6pm till 8pm Contact Neil 07775 643009




Solutions4Health 9:30am till 11:30am Cooking Courses 


Ballroom Dancing 2:30pm till 4:30pm Contact Shirley 07801 580215


We have Tuesday evenings Availble from 5: till 9




We have Wednesday morning Availble from 9 till 6


GKR Karate 7pm till 8pm Contact Neil 07775 643009 

GKR Karate 8pm till 9pm Contact Neil 07775 643009




We have Thursday morning Availble from 9 till 11:30

Briar Lea Over 50's Club 12:30pm till 3:30pm


We have Thursday evenings Availble from 4:30 till 9




We have Friday morning Availble from 11 till 3


Alison Hill School of Dance 4:30pm till 7pm Disco, Street, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Contact Alison 07970 106340




GKR Karate 10am till 11am Contact Neil 07775 643009


We have Saturday afternoon Availble from 12 till 6





Church Service Starting at 4pm


Registered Charity no 1108108