St Paul's Community                                                            St Paul's Committee

& Learning Centre                                                                St Paul's Church

                                                                                               Hawbush Road

                                                                                               Brierley Hill

                                                                                               DY5 3NL

Terms & Conditions


1.- All hire fees / deposits paid at times stipulated.

2.- If hirer cancils the deposit is not refundable.

3.- Conditions of payment terms are strictly seven days from date of invoice.

4.- Any uses of refreshments facilities rresulting in charges are the result of

     the hirer.

5.- Any storage of equipment is solely by ageement with the committee,

     additionally no responsibilities shall be accepted by the committee for

     lose or damage to the said equipment.

6.- Any equipment left by the hirer for undue time may be disposed of by

     the committee.

7.- The hirer to take out adequate insurance to cover the hirer and their

     helpers. plus invitees against all claims arising as a result of the hire.

8.- No material presented/perfomed with out abtaining all necessary

     copyrights/licenses, all work to receive approval of the committee priar


9.- Hirer shall be responsible for the supervision, protection, and safety

     of the premises and all persons therein.

10.- All regulations of Licensing Justice and Fire Authority shall be observed.

11.- All damages done at time of hire to be made good by hirer.

12.- Hirer may use premises solely for stated use at time of hiring.

13.- Committee reserve the right to terminate activity not properly conducted

       by the hirer.

14.- Any selling activitys on premises shall comply with the fair Trade Act 1973

15.- No person shall interfere with Electrical fittings or meters, or in any way

       abuse the building or any contents within.

16.- Any equipment brought in to the premises must be in good working order

       and have an up to date Pat Test Label showing.

17.- The hire agreement constitutes permission only to use the premises

       for what it was hired for.

18.- The centre on the odd occasion may be needed at short notice to hold

       a Funeral Service, seven days notice will be given.

19.- Coronavirus: We have had new soap dispensers fitted in toilets and

       kitchen, we have had an automatic hand sanitiser fitted as you come

       thought the corridor, all hirers must ensure the safety of there staff and

       there pupils.

       Do not enter the premises if you have symptoms eg: high temperature,              continues cough, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

20.- The Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice.


       St Paul's Trustees.